OBS Billing Page

OBS Billing Page

Search Invoice

  1. Navigate to the Billing Tab
  2. Enter the desired search criteria in the correlating fields:
    • Select Status “Paid” to search past
    • Select Status “Due” to search current
    • Add date range from the 1st of the desired month(s) to last day of the desired month(s)
    • Choose specific bill group or policy number, if needed.
  3. Select “Search” and wait for results to load.
  4. To clear the search criteria, select “Reset”
  5. To make a payment, mark the box next to the record and select “Schedule Payment”
  6. To view the details of the bill, select the hyperlink under the Amount column.

Invoice Details

  1. To open an invoice, select the hyperlink under the Amount column from the Home or Billing page.
  2. The Billing Details section highlights all major details of the invoice (see next page)
  3. To view more, select “Open All” to expand all subsections or select “+” to open individual subsections:
    • Important Messages allows the user to view any billing notes.
    • Current In-force Charges – By Coverages gives a summary of total charges for all billed products.
    • Current In-force Charges – Active Employees gives a breakdown of premiums per employee.
    • Current In-force Charges – COBRA/Cont. Employees gives a breakdown of premiums per COBRA or State Continuation participant.
    • Retro-activity/Other Adjustments allows the user to view any retro premium charges or State Continuation participants.
    • Addt’l Charges – Fees show a summary of fees.
    • Benefit Snapshot gives a summary of products and fees.


Selecting “Adjustments” redirects to the Employee Maintenance page. The user can add/terminate an employee or a dependent. To apply these changes to the invoice, return to the invoice and Recalculate.


Selecting “Recalculate” will generate a new bill that will factor in any processed payments or coverage changes completed after the Statement Date.

  1. Allow the loading dial to spin until the recalculation is completed.
  2. Once the loading stops, return the Home Page to allow the invoice to update the new total.
  3. Open the details of the invoice again to view the recalculated version.

Only the most recent invoice(s) can be recalculated

Print Coupon

  1. Open the details of the invoice through the Home Page or Billing Page.
  2. Select “Print Coupon” to download the first page of the invoice via Adobe.
  3. Print the coupon and detach the lower portion of the page to submit with payment.

Print Bill

  1. Open the details of the invoice through the Home Page or Billing Page.
  2. Select “Print Bill” to download the entire invoice via Adobe.
  3. Print the file or save as a digital copy.

Pay Bill

  1. If starting from an opened invoice, select “Pay Now”
  2. If starting from the Home or Billing page, mark the box next to the invoice record and select “Schedule Payment” or “Pay Now”

  1. Enter and select the required fields:
    • Name on Account (name on banking institution account)
    • Routing Number
    • Account Number, Confirm Account Number
    • Payment date (“Pay Now” or “Future Payment”)
  2. Accept the Terms & Conditions by checking the “I Agree” box and select “Submit Payment”
  3. Select “OK” to confirm the payment on the pop-up message.
  4. An email notification will be sent to confirm that the payment has been submitted.

You will not be able to pay less than what is due online. You can recalculate your invoice if it does not include the most recent payment or changes made to the account.

Currently we do not offer recurring payments. Please review your invoice each month for accuracy.

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