ID Cards

ID Cards


So that members will be able to obtain their member ID cards much faster, Aetna is moving towards the use of digital ID cards. Do all of your employees have an email address on file? If not, then please direct them to update their Aetna Navigator account to include this information.

There will be specific instances when a physical ID card will be issued to members.

New business: 

Groups and members that are new to an existing Aetna group (or re-hires) will initially get a physical ID card in the mail.

Once members are enrolled and if/when they register for Aetna Navigator AND have an email address on file in Navigator, they then will begin receiving digital ID cards after their initial physical ID card is provided and will only get physical cards in the following scenarios:

For Groups Headquartered Domestically
  • EE ID Change
  • PCP Change
  • EE Name Change
  • New Dependent
  • Dependent PCP Change
  • Dependent Name Change
For Groups Headquartered Internationally
  • New member enrollment
  • Rehired employees
  • ID number- will be sent when new ID number is triggered (e.g. member being moved from DE state plan to WA/MD control)


Aetna will force a new ID card when groups are at renewal. For those members that have an email address in Navigator, their new renewal ID card will be updated in Navigator and they will get an email indicating a new ID card is available online. For those that do not have an email address in Navigator, they will continue to receive physical ID cards in the mail.


For members who have dental coverage only with Aetna then ID cards will not be sent. However, members may log in to the Aetna Navigator site at to print one for their records.



ID cards are not required for VSP. Members may simply tell the participating provider they are a VSP member. If a vision card is preferred then members can print one from the VSP website or download one from the mobile site.



Dental LifeMap members receive ID cards. They are mailed to the member’s home address. Please allow 7 to 10 business days for processing. Please call LifeMap directly for assistance with ID cards.

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