Global Renewal FAQ

Global Renewal FAQ

Broker Guide for Renewals


Q: When are the renewals released? 

A: Aetna releases their renewals approximately 75 days prior to the group’s effective date.


Q:  Do they need to sign anything to renew? 

A: Yes, signed paperwork is required to renew the policy.

Complete the following to execute the renewal:

  • Indicate their plan selection(s) and sign on page 5 & 6 (pages 5 & 6 of PDF)
  • Answer the questions on pages 10 & 11 (pages 10 & 11 of PDF)
  • Sign the very last page 14 (page 14 of PDF)

They do not need to complete the Renewal Confirmation page. However, they can use that form if they want to make any changes to their Benefit Waiting Period at renewal. If they do not need to make any changes, they do not need to submit the form.


Q:  What is the due date for renewals? 

A: If not enrolling in COBRA Admin, the deadline to submit signed renewal paperwork is 10 business days prior the group’s effective date. If the group is already enrolled in the TBS COBRA Admin, plan or rate change requests must be submitted by the 10th day of the month prior to the group’s effective date.


Q:  The group just renewed, and I need the group contract; how do I get that? 

A: The standard turnaround time for plan documents is around 90 days after the renewal is submitted.


Q:  Can the group enroll in the TBS COBRA Administration? 

A: The group is eligible to enroll in the TBS COBRA Admin program at no additional cost. Keep in mind, the TBS COBRA Admin is only able to offer services for Aetna policies billed through the TBS Billing platform. If enrolling in both medical and dental, the TBS COBRA Admin is a great fit. Additional paperwork is required to enroll. If taking over COBRA from a prior COBRA vendor, a separate Takeover form is required for each COBRA enrollee with the renewal submission.


Q:  The group has both dental and medical, can a member enroll in just dental? 

A: If the group has both Aetna medical and Aetna dental, we do require common enrollment if the group is 2-10 lives enrolled. If the group is over 10 lives, they can elect to either bundle or unbundle their dental with medical. If the group elects to unbundle dental, members can then elect medical only, dental only, or both medical and dental.


Q:  I need a quote for ancillary products, can you help? 

A: We quote Aetna Dental (quoted on the group’s renewal) and MetLife Dental, Life, and Disability (quoted separately) Send us the group’s current information along with a quoting census.



Q:  The group’s Short-term Travel Well plan is up for renewal, what do they need to complete? 

A: We do require signed paperwork to renew Travel Well. To finalize the renewal please complete each of the following:

  • Complete, sign, and date the Renewal Application.
  • Sign and date the Renewal Proposal.
  • Pay the annual premium by wire, ACH, or check. You can find payment instructions included in the invoice.
  • Provide proof of payment (copy of the check or wire transfer confirmation to Aetna) with your renewal submission.

If the group would like to make any changes this year, have them update the application and submit back for a new proposal. Ensure that your brokerage information is included in section 5 of the application for broker commissions.


Q:  The group is looking to add an affiliated company to the plan, what do they need to do? 

A: The group may bring on affiliated companies in accordance with our Underwriting Guidelines. In order to do so, UW will require to review the request first. Send us the following completed forms and we will submit for Underwriting's review.

  • Commonly Owned/Affiliated Companies form
  • Blank census template 


Q:  The group has a new employee in Maryland, but the plan is not available on the Online Billing System, how do we enroll the employee? 

A:  Maryland is a state that we have some separate requirements for on the Access US Trust. The plan does require a separate group application on file if Maryland employees are enrolled. The MD employees will be enrolled on a separate plan as well.

Have the group complete/sign the Maryland application for the enrollment. This is only required once for the group with the first MD employee. You may forward back to us once completed. If you can please fill out to the best of your ability. Once the signed MD ER app is submitted and processed, we will be able to enroll the MD member on the plan. Once the MD plan grid and SBC are available, we will forward along.


Q:  The group has a new employee in Washington state, but the plan is not available on the Online Billing System, how do we enroll the employee? 

A: Washington is a state that we have some separate requirements for on the Access US Trust. The WA employees are required to enroll in a separate plan. An Employer App is not required for WA as it is for MD. Our team will build the separate WA plan. Once completed, we will enroll the member on the separate WA plan. The WA plan grid and SBC will be forwarded once available.


Q:  The company’s name is changing, what do they need to do? 

A:  Provide a letter from the group on their company letterhead, requesting an employer name change. Once received, we can forward to all appropriate departments. Once completed, updated plan grids and SBCs will be forwarded. The members will also receive new ID cards with the updated group name.



Q:  I need to audit our broker commissions, who can I contact? 

A:  Our team can assist with any questions regarding broker compensation. They can be reached at



Q:  The group is going out of business, what is the cancellation process? 

A: To cancel the policy, we will require a written cancellation letter on company letterhead. Ideally the cancellation letter should be provided 30 days in advance. Once received, we will submit policy cancellation for processing in our system. The turnaround time is typically 7-10 business days.

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