Aetna Wellness Discount

Aetna Wellness Discount

For each employee who completes all program requirements within the first 90 days of your plan effective date (e.g plan renewal date is 9/1, employees have until 12/29 to complete), a 7.5 percent premium discount adjustment will be applied to your monthly statement. As a bonus, employees will receive a $50 gift certificate that can be redeemed at a wide variety of great stores.

The discount will not be applied to your invoice until confirmation is received from Aetna that all of the requirements have been completed. We will back date the discount to the plan effective date. This process can take up to 30 days.


Step 1: Register with Aetna's secure member website

Before they get started, employees must register at this website: Aetna New User Registration using their current email address with Aetna's secure member website. 

This is required in order for employees to receive their reward.


Step 2: Complete a preventive screening during their annual physical

Employees must submit a wellness fax form with the results from their preventive screening for biometric factors (height, weight, blood pressure, glucose and cholesterol screening) from a recent annual physical. Or they can schedule a physical with their network provider to obtain their results.


Step 3: Complete a health assessment

Employees should then go to and log into their secure member website to update an existing assessment or create a new one.


Step 4: Claim their reward

Once they complete all of these steps, the employee will receive an email from Aetna with directions to claim the $50 gift certificate.


Wellness Documents - please see attached files in this article.

  1. Plan Sponsor Instructions
  2. Employee Instructions
  3. Gift Card Flyer
  4. Wellness Screening Form

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